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19 ways in which Cyber Law affects your world

CYBER LAW...Ominous as that sounds, even right now you're probably saying to yourself, "How does that affect me? I'm no criminal!" Right? So, here's a quick rundown of how cyber law affects your world; the ordinary, day-to-day things you do.

  1. Your sensitive personal information stored by the Aadhar computers and even your doctor, bank and insurance company.
  2. The millions of cyber attacks targeting you, your company and your country.
  3. E-mails, SMS and whatsapp messages you send and receive.
  4. Mobile wallets, online banking and other electronic payment systems you use.
  5. Music, movies and software you download from the Internet.
  6. E-commerce apps and sites you use for online shopping.
  7. Smartphones, WiFi, 3D printing and wearable technology you use.
  8. Online tax filing and share trading you do.
  9. Social networks and rating & review platforms you use.
  10. Your right to be forgotten by search engines and social networks.
  11. E-tenders, E-courts, E-governance, Electronic contracts.
  12. Digital Evidence that relates to cases from divorce to ransomware.
  13. Open source technologies and software licensing issues.
  14. The regulatory filing that companies do.
  15. Standards for security and incident response that companies use.
  16. Information Technology Law Compliance that is essential for companies.
  17. Stock images, photos, videos and audio.
  18. Torrent, p2p and file-sharing platforms.
  19. Internet of Things.

So, there you go. Just a few things affected by cyber law.

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