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IndiaCoin - an experimental "training" cryptocurrency

IndiaCoin is an experimental cryptocurrency for training police & other enforcement officials.

Why IndiaCoin?

Virtual currencies provide a powerful new tool for criminals, terrorist financiers and other sanctions evaders to move and store illicit funds, out of the reach of law enforcement and other authorities. (Source: Financial Action Task Force Report on Virtual Currencies).

The use of virtual currencies by criminals is well known. A classic example would be the use of bitcoin by users of the now shut-down Silk Road - an illegal online marketplace that facilitated the sale of hundreds of millions of dollars worth of drugs, guns, stolen financial information & more. All Silk Road transactions were conducted exclusively in bitcoin.

There are hundreds of virtual currencies in the world today. These are primarily divided into four categories - convertible, non-convertible, centralized and decentralised. The mathematics and technology behind these virtual currencies is very complex.

It is essential for police and other enforcement officials to have a strong knowledge of how cryptocurrencies work.

The high cost of bitcoin makes it expensive for training and experimentation. That's where IndiaCoin steps in - it's free!

To learn more about crypto-currencies, see:

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Training Scenarios

  1. Money Laundering
  2. Organized Crime
  3. Rogue Bank
  4. Tax Evasion
  5. Terrorism Financing

Request for Access to IndiaCoin

Access to IndiaCoin is provided free-of-charge to serving officers of the police and other enforcement agencies. For details, visit:

Visit the IndiaCoin site at: