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52 free online courses for you

A warm hello and a Happy New Year !!

We started in 2014 with a simple objective - to provide quick learning programs to busy professionals and students.

22 countries and 2847 students later, we are proud to present the all-new LEAP 2016 for you.

LEAP now features 52 courses across 9 tracks:

  • Counter terrorism (10 courses)
  • Cryptography (3 courses)
  • Digital Marketing (4 courses)
  • Financial Law (4 courses)
  • Forensics & Investigation (6 courses)
  • Fraud Control (4 courses)
  • Tech Law (11 courses)
  • Doing Business Globally (2 courses)
  • Hacking & Security (8 courses)

All LEAP courses are free to learn.

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About LEAP Courses

Leap Courses are quick & free online courses for busy people.

Each Leap Course:

  • is FREE to learn
  • features a research assignment (optional)
  • is designed by a subject expert is a project of LEXCODE Regulatory Compliance Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (Incubated by Science & Technology Park promoted by Department of Science and Technology, Government of India).

How it works

1. Register

Simply fill up an online form. New accounts are usually processed within 1 working day. No fee is charged for this.

2. Learn

Study as many Leap Courses as you want. For FREE. No time limits, no deadlines. 100% flexibility.

3. Assessments (Optional)

Studied hard? Complete a short research / practical assignment for assessment by our experts. A fee of Rs. 1,200 is charged for this.

4. Get certified (Optional)

If you obtain A, B, C or D grade in your assignment, you will be issued a "verifiable" electronic certificate. No fee is charged for this.

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The Leap Courses Grading System

At, we believe that:

  • assessments are a part of the learning process of a course,
  • a research-based assignment is a superior learning opportunity as compared to an objective test.

That's why the assessment for each Leap Course is a short research or practical based assignment that is graded by our subject matter experts.

Grade A:
Excellent performance in mastering of the subject. Achievement of superior quality.

Grade B:
Good performance beyond the usual requirements of the course. Achievement of high quality.

Grade C:
Performance of a satisfactory nature. Achievement demonstrating an understanding of the subject sufficient for continued study in the discipline.

Grade D:
Minimally acceptable performance. Achievement demonstrating below average understanding of the basic elements of the course.

Grade F:
Achievement at a level insufficient to demonstrate understanding of the basic elements of the course.


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