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12 quick tips for securing your smartphone

12 quick tips for securing your smartphone

Follow these 12 quick tips for securing your smartphone:

  1. Use a strong password instead of a 4 digit PIN.

  2. Ensure that the device automatically locks itself if unused for more than a minute.

  3. Download apps only from trusted locations.

  4. Carefully read reviews about an app before downloading it.

  5. Check the permissions that the app requests.

  6. Before you install an app, understand what data it will access.

  7. Ensure that you download and install all operating system and app updates.

  8. Turn off automatic WiFi connections.

  9. Turn off Bluetooth and NFC when not required.

  10. Consider disabling the geo-tagging feature on your phone.

  11. If you are connected to a public wifi, don't access sites or apps where you need to enter credit card information, banking password etc.

  12. Before you install any app, ask yourself 2 questions - "Do I need this?" and "Should I trust this"?

To download these tips in a hi-res PDF poster, please visit: