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ASCL introduces International Program in Cyber Laws+ course

Cyber law is the “law governing cyber space”. Some of the reasons for the importance of cyber law in today's highly digitalized world are:

+ Banking & stock trading have moved online.
+ Massive increase in E-commerce & online payments.
+ Surge in smartphone usage.
+ Even "non-cyber crime" cases, involve digital evidence.
+ Massive impact of Cybercrime.
+ Increase in Digital signatures usage.

The Information Technology Law imposes several obligations on corporates. Failure to comply may be penalized with fines, compensation and even imprisonment.

Non-compliance with the provisions of the data privacy law is penalized with a compensation / penalty and even imprisonment in some cases.

This course can be your stepping stone towards a great career in

+ Information Technology Law Compliance
+ Data Privacy Law Compliance
+ Drafting and Negotiating Technology Contracts.

International Cyber Law Experts are needed by most eCommerce companies, banks, insurance companies, IT companies, manufacturing companies, trading companies, law firms, BPOs, KPOs and more.

This course has 7 modules:

  1. Cyber Law (India)
  2. Data Privacy Law
  3. IT Law Compliance
  4. International Law on cyber crime
  5. US Law on cyber crime
  6. EU Law on cyber crime
  7. International E-commerce Law

Course Fees: Rs 22,500 for Indian residents. Foreign residents please email for details.

Eligibility: Graduate in any discipline.

Duration: 365 days.

Score at least 70% to pass this course.