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ASCL introduces Diploma in Securities Law and Investment Management

Note: This course is no longer available.
This page is maintained only for archival purposes.

Investments are made with certain financial objectives, which should be defined clearly and be measurable in money terms. A person invests to meet his financial needs at a future date. Unless the investor is clear about his purpose of saving, his efforts would not result in the desired benefits.

For an investor to realize his financial needs, he has to take several factors into account like age, size of the family, needs of family members, his own expectations, etc. While this is obviously not as easy as it seems, the more difficult part is to decide where and how to invest.

The abysmally low rate of interest given by banks on fixed deposits has spurred the general public to invest in financial markets, which has seen tremendous growth since the Indian economy was liberalized in the 90s. However, the Indian financial market has been a veritable landmine for the retail investor where fraudsters like Harshad Mehta and Ketan Parikh have made investors lose everything in a matter of twenty-four hours.

In such a scenario, this course ushers the investor and the financial advisor through the legal quagmire which is the Indian financial market and makes him understand the intricacies of managing his investment. The course also throws light upon the foreign exchange risk management and foreign collaborations and joint ventures. The SEBI guidelines on the securities market as also the relevant provisions Companies Act, Securities (Contract) Regulation Act, the Depositories Act and the SEBI Act are also discussed.

The course is indispensable for any entity wanting to invest in the Indian Financial market as also any person who wants to enter this field in a consultative capacity, irrespective of the person being a professional in the legal or financial sector.