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ASCL introduces Diploma in Business Laws

Note: This course is no longer available.
This page is maintained only for archival purposes.

Business law involves the regulations that business and commercial entities must follow to conduct business in India. This includes the required procedures in the formation of a business, the fiduciary duties that directors, officers, and shareholders are bound to, and the instrumental laws that guide the day-to-day activities of business and commercial entities.

Thus, anyone conducting a business or planning to conduct trade and commerce in India without being aware of the basic legal regulations that govern businesses is basically trying to traverse a mine field that can potentially cripple his initiatives.

Awareness about the law governing contracts, partnerships, companies, negotiable instruments like cheques, movable and immovable propertyand the rights of consumers are essential for any person involved in commercial transactions in India.

This course gives an insight into all the above aspects of law as prevalent in India currently. It also throws light on the law of arbitration, which has become an indispensable tool for dispute settlement in business.

This evergreen field of law opens up numerous opportunities for the law student in several practice areas such as contract law, property law and arbitration among others. The course will make students well grounded in the legal issues that regulate business transactions.

The course is equally important for any student studying commerce by making him understand the subject better as all commerce has its grounding in the legal rights enjoyed by a person. The course will also prove invaluable to anyone doing business in India as it gives a complete overview of the legal aspects governing business in India.