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Romanian Hackers' Heaven

Romanian Hackers' Heaven

If you thought, Bucharest, the Romanian capital, is the only famous city in Romania, think again!

A tiny town, three hours from Bucharest, has now made its name around the world as Hackerville.

Râmnicu Vâlcea, a small town of only about a 120,000 residents shows its true colours when you see the incongruous signs of wealth - high-end Mercedes, Audis, BMWs driven by mere youngsters showing off their gold chains and hi-tech gadgets.

"Hackerville" is not exactly apt as these youngsters are less hackers and more internet fraudsters and malware attackers. Most of these affluent youngsters target businesses using malware attacks.

Authorities in Romania say that Râmnicu Vâlcea has seen millions of dollars coming in over the last ten years or so all thanks to these schemes. Râmnicu Vâlcea is flourishing because of its cyber crime based industry.

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