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ASCL Certified Digital Forensic Investigator

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Cyber Crime costs the world more than Rs. 57,000,000,000,000 every year. Companies and Governments need skilled digital forensic investigators to contain this US $ 114 billion annual cost. This advanced level program covers it all – from web investigation to Facebook forensics, from password forensics to incident response and penetration testing.


Introduction to the Program

This program is offered by Asian School of Cyber Laws (ASCL) in association with Data64 Techno Solutions Pvt Ltd (incubated by Science and Technology Park, a STEP promoted by Department of Science & Technology, Government of India).

Digital forensics is the application of science to the identification, collection, examination, and analysis of data while preserving the integrity of the information and maintaining a strict chain of custody for the data.

Course Modules

  1. Internet Fundamentals
  2. Cyber Crime Essentials
  3. Cyber Investigation Essentials
  4. Digital Evidence in Computer Devices
  5. Cyber Forensic Essentials
  6. Applied Cyber Forensics
  7. Web Investigation
  8. Investigating Emails
  9. Penetration Testing
  10. Investigating Server Logs
  11. Investigating Financial Crimes
  12.  Investigating Encryption and Digital Signature Crimes
  13. Cyber Crime Law in India
  14. Cyber Investigation & Forensics Documentation
  15. Password Forensics
  16. Windows Forensics
  17. Linux Forensics
  18. Mac Forensics
  19. Facebook Forensics
  20. Malware Forensics
  21. Memory Forensics
  22. Browser Forensics
  23. Google Forensics
  24. Cell Phone Forensics
  25. Computer Security Incident Response
  26. Handling Real World Investigations