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New York State, USA, Proposes Law against Cyber Bullies

New York State, USA, Proposes Law against Cyber Bullies

The world has taken another step towards combating the ever-increasing threat of cyber crimes against youngsters.

New York State, USA, has now proposed a bill to fight cyber bullying.

The bill has been forwarded by New York State Assemblyman, Charles Lavine, in light of the constant threat of cyber bullying facing youngsters online.

It is felt that this was a necessary step considering the almost epidemic state of student suicides occurring due to cyber-bullying.

Children online are very often victimized and harassed even to the point of committing suicide because of how they look or how they behave, or in many cases, for their perceived sexual orientation.

The proposed bill will punish cyber bullies and also those who participate in such activities indirectly.

This bill will create the crimes of cyber-assault and cyber-impersonation in New York State. The new crime of cyber-assault will punish those who go online to hurt others. Cyber impersonation will punish those who assume a false identity to commit these acts.