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Students Caught for Hacking School System

At least five students of the Wellington High School, Wellington, Kansas in USA will now face criminal charges for illegally logging into their school system and improving their grades.

Rick Weiss, the school Superintendent, said that they were alerted to the felony due to rumours doing the rounds in school about some students who had been able to change their grades. This prompted the teachers to go back to their papers to check the original grades versus the grades on the school computers. The two sets of grades did not match.

The police department has clarified that this act will be treated as a serious felony and not just a misdemeanour. These students first stole the school passwords, then logged in and changed the grades.

The youngsters involved may very well be asked to leave school. They also face the chances of not being able to graduate.

While the school continues to investigate to see how many other students could have been involved, police have served search warrants and seized computers as evidence in the computer crimes case.

The district attorney will most likely get the case by the last week of January 2011.

This case underlines the need to teach youngsters the difference between right and wrong in the cyber world. They need to be told that working harder is any day easier than getting involved in such criminal acts. They don't just need to be cyber literate (which most of them are) but also cyber smart.