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FREE ebook - Evolution of Cyber Crime

Note: This ebook is no longer available.
This page is maintained only for archival purposes.

Asian School of Cyber Laws has released a FREE ebook titled "Evolution of Cyber Crime", authored by Rohas Nagpal, President, Asian School of Cyber Laws.

This ebook discusses various cyber crimes such as:

  1. Financial Crimes,
  2. Cyber Pornography,
  3. Sale of Illegal Articles,
  4. Online Gambling,
  5. Intellectual Property Crimes,
  6. Email Spoofing,
  7. Forgery,
  8. Cyber Defamation,
  9. Cyber Stalking,
  10. Web defacement,
  11. Email Bombing,
  12. Data Diddling,
  13. Salami Attacks,
  14. Denial of Service Attack,
  15. Virus / Worm Attacks,
  16. Trojans and Keyloggers,
  17. Internet Time Theft,
  18. Web Jacking,
  19. Email Frauds and
  20. Cyber Terrorism.