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ASCL introduces Diploma in International Law

Note: This course is no longer available.
This page is maintained only for archival purposes.

The Law of Nations or International law is increasingly influencing the rights of the common man as the world inches towards the idea of a global village.International law consists of rules and principles, which govern interstate relationships. International law functions because nations agree to accept and abide by those rules.

International law touches and regulates so many commonplace occurrences that we never attribute them as being governed as such. It governs

  • communication
  • agriculture
  • maritime commerce
  • environment
  • medicine

among many others. The Internet and global terrorism, both of which have transcended national boundaries, are forcing us to change our attitude towards international law.

International law can no longer be put on a lofty pedestal and looked upon with reverence but has to be properly understood and applied in today’s circumstances.

The Diploma in International Law seeks to introduce the subject of international law to students. It looks at all the major issues in international law, from extradition to international humanitarian law. Private international law, which governs issues relating to matrimony, inheritance and commercial transaction between private parties, is also dealt with in the course.