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FACT - Freedom from Abuse of Children through Technology

Some Recent Incidents in India

  • A ‘15 year old girl’ courts a 16 year old boy through a popular Internet chat website. The boy runs away from home to Mumbai only to find out that the ‘girl was in fact a 30 year old man. The man sexually abuses the boy, steals his money and severely beats him up.
  • A 14-year-old boy raked up bills of thousands of rupees on his father’s credit card after he got addicted to viewing pornographic websites.
  • A 13 year-old girl creates a virus by downloading a free “Virus Development Kit” from the Internet.
  • A class 10 student, who was taunted by his classmates for having a pockmarked face, puts up a pornographic website and displays nude "morphed" images of his classmates and teachers.

The number of incidents as well as the seriousness of the acts taking place due to the usage of the Internet by children could be far more damaging.

To tackle this abuse of children through the misuse of modern technology, Asian School of Cyber Laws has launched FACT(Freedom from Abuse of Children through Technology).

FACT is a five-pronged programme that includes:

  1. Educating the children on the perils of surfing the Internet and how they could safeguard themselves.
  2. Educating the parents on how to monitor the Internet activities of their children to prevent any untoward incidents.
  3. Schools awareness program to equip the schools with the requisite tools to inculcate in their curriculum, awareness programs on the dangers of the Internet.
  4. Creating Media awareness by way of assisting the media and providing vital information to them, which would be helpful to spread the message of the perils of the Internet.
  5. Establishing a FACT Help Line to assist and advise students and parents facing a cyber threat and providing counselling to victims of cyber crimes. We can be emailed at:

Some important tips and guidelines by FACT:

  1. Online risks that children face
  2. Guidelines for parents
  3. Reasons for concern
  4. Tips for children