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ASCL certified Cyber Law Prosecutor

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With the surge in the use of Internet and the electronic medium for business transactions as well as inter-personal communication, there has been an unprecedented growth in the crimes being perpetrated through the electronic medium.

These crimes are commonly known as 'Cyber Crimes' and include acts such as Data theft, Email abuse, Data alteration, Unauthorized access, Computer virus attacks, denial of service attacks etc.

By constitution, the nature of information or evidence stored in the electronic medium is transient.

Naturally, prosecuting of cyber crimes vis-à-vis the prosecuting of conventional crimes is a more complex issue.

This course aims to equip the participants with the requisite knowledge to successfully and efficiently prosecute cyber crimes.


  1. To understand basic issues involved in cyber crime prosecution.
  2. To learn the rules of Computer Forensics and understand the issues in collection and analysis of electronic evidence.
  3. To prepare proper documentation for successful prosecution of cyber crime.


  1. Basic Computer and Network concepts
  2. Cyber crime
  3. Cyber Crime Investigation
  4. Cyber Law
  5. Cyber Crimes and the Law